U-SOLVE: fostering youth entrepreneurship for sustainable urban development

Description and objectives

Development of entrepreneurship, new businesses and job opportunities in the creative sector, with the aim of the achievement of a local, urban Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Potential beneficiaries

Potential entrepreneurs, especially young people and women.
MSME’s managed either by young people or by women.

Total budget available

240 K€

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

30 sub-grants of 8 k€ in average
5 subgrants per country in each of the 6 countries of the project

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Proof of Concept of start-up project and verification of their potentialities in term of urban sustainable development and creation of new jobs.

Selection criteria and award procedure

Multistep decision:
The first phase will help in eliminating proposals that would not fit in the project aims, or they are not ready at the time.
In the second phase, the criteria will address the fit between the proposal and project’s goals: sustainable development goals, role of creative methodologies, gender balance, youth promotion, etc.
The final phase will focus on criteria, such as management, capital, manufacturing competence, marketing and distribution, technical support, and availability of materials or components.
The Jury will be appointed by partners
Selection criteria is being developed and will include general criteria related to start-ups/MSMEs and specific criteria addressing the project's goals

Tentative calendar

March 2022


Elizabeth Parisi
Consorzio Arca
Project Manager