CRE@CTIVE: supporting creativity and innovation in the textile, clothing, footwear, and leather sectors

Description and objectives

The objectives of this call for sub-grant proposals are:

-    To form competitive transnational partnerships, representatives of traditional sectors dealing with the fashion/lifestyle consumer goods sector to develop innovative & creative business models with added value and high market potential fostering the Mediterranean industry. 
-    To catalyze entrepreneurial development processes through Labs and Pilots for new products and services in the Textile, fashion, footwear and leather (TCFL) traditional sectors. Specifically, six co-creation spaces will provide different fields of expert technology access and co-creation facilitation services as well as network and knowledge access for accelerating the selected projects from our call and helping projects grow.
-    To create and empower cross-border traditional sectors networks through awareness-raising, the transfer of best practices and lessons learned, and by stakeholders’ engagement in a user-driven, open innovation community.

Artists, designers, technological and/or TCFL MSMEs are invited to submit a project proposal to the following supporting labs (known as L@b), where they will have access to a pool of cutting-edge technologies and mentoring service to develop an outstanding and innovative concept idea:

-    Design-L@B (Ramallah,Palestine)                                    
-    Techno-L@B (Monastir, Tunisia)
-    Net-L@B (Alexandria, Egypt)   
-    Eco-L@B (Alicante, Spain)
-    Heri-L@B (Prato, Italy)
-    Make-L@B (Sicily, Italy)

Potential beneficiaries

To be eligible to apply for the present call for sub-grants, the Applicant/Co-applicant: 
-    Shall be an MSMEs (under the EU definition), a start-up, self-employed or professional freelancers 
-    Shall be legally established as a business under the national law with a registration number or equivalent  
-    Shall be based in Core and Adjoining regions of CRE@CTIVE Project: 
-    Shall be a CCI (Cultural, creative industry), a TBC (technological based company), or TCFL (Textile, Clothing, Footwear, and Leather) MSMEs.

-    Shall not be in any insolvency situation and shall be compliant with local labor codes and social security rules.
-    Shall have proper communication skills in English.
-    For applicants from Spain and Italy, not be recipient of State Aid through other grants or financing support from Italy in excess of 200.000 euro over a period of three years. In this regard, a De minimis declaration is to be signed and submitted by applicants from these two countries.

Total budget available

The overall indicative amount made available under this call for sub-grant proposals is EUR 192.000€.
The project reserves the right not to award all available funds.

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

Number of sub-grants: the project will finance 16 projects (between 2-3 projects will be awarded by each L@B: Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy and Spain)
Size of sub-grants: Any grant requested under this call for proposals cannot exceed the maximum amount of EUR 12.000€ (100% of funding from the total budget justified) and additionally benefit from facilitation services, mentorship as well as other supporting services offered by the CRE@CTIVE project L@BS. 
Selected projects will be required to sign a Grant Agreement with binding details on the project time plan and goals and budget plan and a confirmation that all money received must be taxed by themselves. The sub-grant shall take the form of reimbursement of costs.  
The grant will be paid out in 3 tranches:
•    At the onboarding of the sub-grantee: 30% is paid out after signing of the grant agreement 
•    After the mid-evaluation: 40% is paid out after successful attainment of mid-goals, required reports and project documentation (according to grant agreement) 
•    After project finalization: 30% is paid out after successful finishing of the project, required reports and project documentation, cost justification.

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Sectors: Cultural Creative Industries (CCIs), Technological based companies (TBC), and Textile, Clothing, Footwear, and Leather (TCFL) traditional MSMEs.
Types of activities that can be sub-granted: All the actions and activities that will be helpful to boost the TCFL traditional MSMEs through a new business model will be considered as eligible. For example: 
•    Technical coordination
•    Financial/administrative follow-up
•    Reporting, project justification
•    Communication with the sub-granters and CRE@CTIVE partnership. 
•    Accountability
•    Creation of an innovative product and/or service
•    Set-up/test a new production process. Technical tests and prototypes.
•    Improve the image of your entity through a marketing campaign
•    Improve the actual portfolio
•    Application of new technologies (in terms of sustainability/ boost the creativity)
•    Reduce waste, energy/water consumption during the production process through the application of sustainable technologies and/or develop specialized studies.
•    Application new designs in the actual products of your entity
•    Specialized studies for commercial improvements (enter in new markets, enter in new countries)
•    Business Models studies 
•    Digitalization of samples, models, collections
•    Dissemination activities as assistance to fairs, congresses, dissemination in entity website, participation in CRE@CTIVE social networks, etc. 
•    Networking activities
The duration of the project time is 7 months co-working (remotely work preferred).  So, the initial planned duration of an action may not exceed these 7 months (timeframe established from June 2021 to December 2021).

Selection criteria and award procedure

Standard proposals are submitted in one stage. 
The selection process is performed in three different steps. 

Applications and deadline

CRE@CTIVE call for developing innovative business models in the textile and leather sectors. Deadline to submit applications: 15 March 2022. More info here


Miriam Martínez-Carbonell (AITEX, Project Manager, +34 965542200,
Maria del Mar Blanes-Martínez (AITEX, Project Manager, +34 965542200,