Boosting the technological transfer in the filed of Big Data analytic in the devolving countries
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1: Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors
Big data is a term for large and complex unprocessed data. This data is difficult and also time-consuming to process using the traditional processing methodologies. Big data can be characterized as: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Variability, Veracity and Complexity Thus to process this data, big data tools are used, which analyze the data and process it according to the need. The advancement in computing and data science in the recent past has made it possible to process and analyze Big Data in real time. This data revolution initially restricted to the industrialized world is now being experienced in developing countries. The spread of mobile phone technology to the hands of billions of individuals, for example, may be the single most significant innovation that has affected developing countries in the past decade. Mobile technology is used as a substitute for weak telecommunications, poor transport infrastructure, and underdeveloped financial and banking systems.
One of the existing technological problems in developing countries is the absence of the environment and technical knowledge in the area of big data analysis, which limits scientific and practical progress and reduces the pace of development of these countries. The project aims to diffusion big data technology in developing countries through the Building capacity of students, graduates and academic staff In addition to working on the development of curricula in the field of data science and big data and to adopt the Bachelor program in this area, the project will also provide real awareness to companies and sectors on the benefits of the use big data which will create a new job market for graduates in this field and marketing the capabilities of trainees to international companies.
1) to support the digitalization of industry and development of Big Data in the Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs; and
2) to transfer the knowledge and techniques of big data to Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs and;
3) to develop the Curriculum at the universities of Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs in the field of Data Science and Big Data.
4) to build capacities of Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs Academic staff, ICT Students and Graduates and ICT sectors in the field of big data.
5) to promote the Big Data Concepts for the private sector, Public sector, and NGOs in Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs
1) Diffusion of Big Data Analytic techniques in the Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs.
2) Development of the capabilities of academics, students, graduates and companies in the field of big data.
3) Development of curricula in the field of big data and adopting a specialized program in data science.
4) Create a bid data processing infrastructure in the Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs
Al-Aqsa University - Palestine
Universities and Institutions in EU Mediterranean Countries (EUMC) and
Universities and Institutions in Mediterranean Partner Countries-MPCs
€ 3.5 million.
Al-Aqsa University
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