Sustainable tourism
Architectural and historical heritage - growth of local tourism based on the protection, conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage.
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.2: Strengthen and support euro-Mediterranean networks, clusters, consortia and value-chains in traditional sectors (agro-food, tourism, textile/clothing, etc.) and non-traditional sectors (innovative ideas solutions for urban d
The central idea for a sustainable growth of local tourism is the creation of a plan of management of the cultural heritage, focused on the social and economic development of the city; with the aim of protecting, conserving and disseminating local cultural heritage and implementing new methodological techniques for increasing cultural tourism in the city.
The city must be previously studied, making a reassessment of the archaeological sites and monuments in situ, identifying the real state of conservation of the goods; to do so, make future hypotheses that guarantee the preservation and conservation of the same. With these previous studies, we could infer new questions for the reuse, in a sustainable and non-degradable way, of the local archaeological remains. At the same time conclude on new marketing and advertising proposals to provide tourism and strengthen local development.
After a detailed study and due archeological survey of heritage, it is possible to create cultural actions that link the community to local tourism.
• After a detailed study and due to the archaeological survey of heritage, it is possible to create cultural actions that link the international community to local tourism, providing sustainable development.
• Creation of a vulnerability analysis program for the city's historical assets, taking into account anthropic and environmental factors; which allows the prevention of possible material losses.
• Creation of a good tourism infrastructure, linked to local gastronomy, accommodation and improvements in internal services, as a fundamental point for the gradual growth of tourism.
• Guarantee specialized local workforce and articulation of institutions, international organizations, events and / or local fairs, to attract new domestic and foreign investors; which promotes good marketing and promotion, necessary for the cultural growth of the city.
The proposals listed above will bring greater local cultural growth, along with a good appreciation of the heritage by public and private entities and the community.
It also highlights the growth in scientific research, which, in the future, can be used for the reuse of heritage assets and the updating of new management systems.
A good success in the management is due to the knowledge of the patrimonial good, this will expand and complement the hypotheses raised in the management of heritage, seeking the economic development of the city.
For a greater tourist growth of the city we must manage our patrimony rationally, aiming at the economic profitability and creating a balance for all the parts linked in that process.
We are looking for partners at the universities, centers research, government, public and private associations, NGOs, etc in the Mediterranean countries.
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