Sharing expertise and enhancing competitiveness and the usage of innovative practices in the Mediterranean dairy sector
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.2: Strengthen and support euro-Mediterranean networks, clusters, consortia and value-chains in traditional sectors (agro-food, tourism, textile/clothing, etc.) and non-traditional sectors (innovative ideas solutions for urban d
The project seeks to work with a value chain perspective and approach with participation from countries from different parts of the Mediterranean, this will be the core of future development initiatives for different regions and countries and other value chains, where the success stories from this project can be applied.

The objective is to revive the dairy value chain, which is the example value chain chosen for this project, in the Mediterranean countries. While the specific objectives are to increase the quality and competitiveness of the products and industries through the establishment of service centers that would benefit the farmers and the agro-food industries (that are the main actors in the dairy value chain), all while reducing the production cost. And, to create/strengthen an environment that would benefit these actors on the long-term through the establishment of national and regional networks.
The technical work packages (WP) and major activities that will be undergone throughout the project are:
Capacity building and provision of technical and financial services

Under this work package, the project will establish a technical service center to train and provide technical consultations along with financial services farmers, SMES, and dairy industries to help them lift their productivity and competitiveness.
The center will be a focal location for networking and sharing expertise among all stakeholders involved in dairy production

Establishment of a network among all stakeholders in dairy sector
An online platform (in addition to a mobile app for the farmers, in different languages) will be created, where industries/farmers can identify their needs and profiles. Another section of the portfolio will be dedicated to actors from the public sector.

Research by country to identify the dairy products that can be innovative and demanded by the market (whether it’s a local traditional product or a “new” product), the SMEs participating in the platform can enter their potential projects and thus participate in this regional market study.

By the end of this WP, we will have a portfolio for the industries and farmers interested in innovation, in addition to other private and public actors, along with a report of potential products to the market, and ways to bring innovation into the sector (either for the farmers through better management techniques giving better quality raw milk, or for the industries seeking to optimize their production line, commercialization or have a new product, etc.).

Nevertheless, the project will advocate to adjust policies of the involved countries to protect local production against the exported dairy commodities, which preserves the rights of local dairy producers and plays a vital role in enhancing regional economic growth and boosts employment rates in the dairy sector.
1- To strengthen competitiveness, capacity, and cross-border production of Mediterranean dairy producers through promoting cost-effective systems and mechanisms.
2- To foster local and cross-border collaboration and mutual knowledge between businesses, clusters, farmers, research centers, for the exchange of good practices and technology transfer and research and development activities.
1- Dairy producers in the involved countries are trained in efficient and innovative production techniques
2- Farmers, SMEs, and dairy industries are provided with specialized technical services tailored to their needs in order to improve production quality
3- Farmers who showed high performance at the technical training sessions are provided with financial assistance services to expand/ boost their production capacity
4- A cross-border dairy cluster is formed from stakeholders of the dairy sector in the involved countries.
SQLI (Tunisia)
Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER (Greece)

NGOs, research centers, chambers of commerce, etc.
In European countries
2.75 - 3 million euros
Al Kayed
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