Promotion of micro-tourism activitie and hostels in Morocco rural zones under a common brand and standards, backed by an e-booking and e-payment platform.
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.1.2: Strengthen and support euro-Mediterranean networks, clusters, consortia and value-chains in traditional sectors (agro-food, tourism, textile/clothing, etc.) and non-traditional sectors (innovative ideas solutions for urban d
The project is to select 25 chosen families (preferably under women charge) in rural zones of Morocco, and give them the necessary training in environment friendly hospitality and eco-tourism activities, and permaculture or organic agriculture and also help them fund basic equipment for eco-hostels.

The goal is to make them join a common brand of eco-hostels and comply to their standards and requirements.

The project include also establishing and managing an e-booking and e-payment platform dedicated to this eco-hostels network.

The customer target is International tourists looking for eco-friendly and rural tourism experience, nature lovers, organic food and vegan products consumers.
Economic and financial inclusion for rural zones inhabitants, especially under the charge of women (widows, divorced with kids...)

Prmotion of green and ecofriendly tourism activities in rural zones.

Developing side businesses like trekking guides and equipment rentals, handicrafts items businesses, organic agriculture...
direct jobs : 170
indirect jobs : 90
avoiding immigration within and outside Morocco
reducing school and education drop-out especially for girls
promoting local handicrafts activities
This project is to be launched by ALK Consulting firm (morocco based company).
Partners needed are :

- Eco-tourism operator from Europe (network, green our operator)
- Trainers in organic agriculture, eco-hospitality...
- e-booking and e-travel internet based platform managers or promoters
720.000 EUROS
ALK Consulting
Company or other economic operator