Facilitating transnational industry-academia networking within the Euro-Mediterranean region
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1: Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors
The Malta Council for Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Council’), is currently looking for partners who are interested in participating in a project aimed at increasing collaboration amongst industry and academia whilst also increasing the success rate of proposals submitted from the Euromed region in transnational research programmes. By helping to facilitate this on a transnational level, it will allow Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) to alleviate their success rate in programmes such as the PRIMA Initiative, the Blue Bioeconomy Co fund, MarTERA, and Horizon 2020 amongst other transnational initiatives. With regards to potential sector focus, a number of transnational calls such as PRIMA and Blue BioEconomy Co Fund aim to fund research in green and blue economy respectively, with ICT being a cross sectorial topic throughout most research funding calls that will be targeted.
- Increasing success rate in transnational research programmes
- Increasing the impact of research being carried by facilitating the establishment of robust networks that have a healthy balance of both industrial as well as academia / research organisations, thus allowing a strong knowledge transfer element
- Establishing a strategic approach to establish innovative networking platforms
- Helping to secure more research funds for MPCs and smaller Euro-Mediterranean States
- Establish science diplomacy links amongst the participating countries which will eventually lead to the establishment of research agreements amongst different organisations with the ultimate aim of collaborating on joint activities and initiatives
- Establish a good level of Government sector engagement to commit to more research funds for researchers
- Organising a series of themed transnational brokerage events with participation from both European member state countries and MPC
- Raise awareness and showcase Euro-Med success stories, such as successful stories from ARIMNet and ERANETMED, to help encourage other researchers from the region
- Develop a transnation wide platform that Euro-Med researchers can use as a one-stop shop to assist in finding partners within their areas of expertise and to be informed on all Euro-Med related research initiatives present.
- Having an increase in the number of research project coordinators coming from the Southern Mediterranean countries participating in EuroMedNet
- Higher level of pooled financial and intellectual resources leading to transnational projects with a wider impact potential
- Higher degree of mobility for young researchers
- Helping SMEs have better access to research opportunities and engagement with the academic sector
- Increase research and innovation capacity of academia, ultimately leading to higher commercialisation of their results together with the inception of spin off companies

In informal discussions with a number of entities across the Mediterranean
The Council is looking for partners with the following non-exhaustive type of eligible bodies:
Public Bodies, Universities, Research Institutes, Science Parks, Innovation Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Not for Profit Organisations, Innovative Enterprises and National Research Council’s coming from the participating countries in the Call.
Established as soon as the number of participants has been formally established
Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST)
Public body
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