Boosting Cooperation of Research Actors with SMEs towards Innovation in technological transfer and commercialization, in the Mediterranean Basin
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1: Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors
The project SPEED focuses on the creation of a Mediterranean technology-commercialization clustering network of Research actors with SMEs and that will contain cross-cutting divisions for the members’ geographical, technical, scientific, cultural and linguistic interconnection. The main aim is to facilitate the direct contact of advanced research departments throughout Mediterranean with innovative SMEs to get in with and thus enable a cross-sectorial fertilization and value chain innovation from these synergies towards final transformation of research into marketable and sustainable products/services, giving also a boost to local economies. This network aspires to be able to build technology transfer capacities capable to support the development of the necessary technical competences, human capital and skills needed to successfully convey technologies from the research stage to the market place and/or to broader society.
The main objectives of the project are:
• to facilitate the interconnection of advanced Research actors with SMEs for innovation synergies, research practices and market actions.
• to foster 'from lab to market' technological transfer and commercialization of research results in an interregional clustering framework,
• to identify specific research sectors which have potential commercial interest and strategies for how to exploit it.
• to provide expertise and related expert services on technology transfer and commercialisation, in conjunction with EU policies, to Mediterranean countries and regional authorities
• to surpass the geographical, technical, scientific, cultural and linguistic barriers of developmental extroversion of SMEs, and to boost the development of local economies.
• to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.
• to issue dedicated Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategies, tailored to the specific development capabilities of the Mediterranean regions.
• to merge the dynamics of the technology transfer with the marketing of commercialization process.
• to deepen local and regional competences in understanding technology transfer processes by exploiting the results of successful ideas, programs, practices.
The networking initiative of the current project will be spread throughout Mediterranean Basin countries and it will enhance any existing local (thus, not currently extrovert) initiative for innovation, creating clustering communities facing similar growth routes, facilitating advanced mentoring from Research actors and innovation planning (technology, business models) for the SMEs beneficiaries.
It is foreseen that the direct results of the program will be:
• The improvement of technology transfer networks across Mediterranean.
• The enhancement of harmonisation in technology transfer capacities and knowledge, between North and South Mediterranean countries
• The upgrading of policymaking on intellectual property and technology transfer issues, across the Mediterranean and Europe.
• The achievement of innovative leverage mechanisms between universities, Research centers, Technology Transfer Offices, science and technology parks, incubators and accelerators to stimulate technology transfer for the benefit of regional economic development.
Universities and Research Centers, Technology Transfer Offices, science and technology parks, business incubators, SMEs, Chambers of Commerce, start-ups, spin-outs.
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