Augmented Transparency, Security and TRust in InnovAtive Start-Ups with BlockCain Technology.
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1: Support innovative start-up and recently established enterprises, with a particular focus on young and women entrepreneurs and facilitate the protection of their Intellectual Property Rights and commercialisation where applicable
In a rapidly growing ecosystem largely built on open-source technology, the balance of the
protection of intellectual property against the transparency required for innovation remains
a vital concern. ATTRACT project aims to Create a Business platform based on Blockchain
technology that can support innovative start-ups and facilitate the protection of their
Intellectual Property Rights and commercialization with Transparency, Security and Trust.
The ATTRACT blockchain platform aspires to become a three-dimensional environment
capable to accommodate:
 The founders that create new technology products and need capital to commercialize it.
 The investors that want to be part of the game-changing success story.
 The freelancers that interested to deal with exciting and challenging startup projects.
Thus, for intellectual property rights, blockchain technology could link creators, proprietors
and consumers, combating counterfeiting while channelling royalties back to the creators.
 To use the security of blockchain to create a system of investment in the IP (Intellectual
Property) of a startup and bypasses the numerous drawbacks of traditional funding
 To use the blockchain technology to create traceable smart patents, giving thus the
investors complete confidence in their investment.
 To promote blockchain innovation and help companies better navigate intellectual
property decision-making processes.
 To counsel start-ups and entrepreneurs not only in patent prosecution aspects, but also
in strategies on IP aspects related to fundraising and commercialization.
- The launch of a comprehensive platform for start-ups, that can provide transparency,
security and trust on their intellectual property rights and commercialization.
- The recognition of the intellectual property as the best representation of the innovation and
originality of a business.
- The introduction of new business models, capable to supply everyone with the opportunity
to influence the technology and social progress of the world around.
- The establishment of a unique and safe approach for the management of the intellectual
property (IP) activity of start-up and recently established enterprises.
University of Patras (GREECE)
Start-ups, Spin-outs, SMEs, Chambers of Commerce, Public Institutions
4.0 M€
INTERALTER Single Member P.C.
Company or other economic operator