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A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1 Start-ups and recently established enterprises
An interconnected open system of innovation that achieves the overall objective of the priority A 1.1
The overall objective of the proposed action is to establish an innovation open system that utilizes, connects, and engages existing resources and private/public/social sector stakeholders, to position it as a key driver for reviving economic development across the Mediterranean Region. Informed by experiences in recent entrepreneurial initiatives in Jordan and consultations with local communities and other stakeholders, the specific objective of the proposed action is to nurture and institutionalize an innovation culture and mind set across all sectors by building sustainable partnerships to transfer knowledge, experience and exploit results through best practices for innovative approaches and methodologies in supporting innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs, reinforcing local, regional, and international networks that will enhance the development of an intertwined entrepreneurial ecosystem maximizing the impact created through capitalization. All partner countries in the consortium will be targeted, with particular attention for youth and women that are under-served to enhance ownership and developing micro-economies sustainably in eligible regions.
According to the information available from the Call for Proposals, Target
1500 young people and women involved in training and business mentoring programmes
200 jobs created in innovative startups
and other results that will be discussed
Italy, Local Partners (Jordan)
Looking for co-applicants or partners to join our consortium.