Neàpolis will represent the MED GAIMS project at the TurisTIC forum of Barcelona

“Towards new models of tourism. Technological solutions aimed at breaking up concentrations of tourists and promoting off-season tourism“ is the slogan of the 2020 edition.

The eighth edition of the TurisTIC forum will focus on the new tourist models, which have had an expansion due to the new consumption habits generated by the global health crisis that we are facing in 2020.

We will talk about projects and technologies that facilitate the deconcentration and the deseasonalization of tourism, now more than ever necessary, with the aim of offering safe, quality and sustainable tourism in both the economic, social and environmental fields through technological solutions such as Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, etc. applicable in urban and rural areas.

Neàpolis will take advantage of this event to pitch the MED GAIMS project in general and also to let know the opportunities of the 2nd Hackathon and Creative Labs.
The event will be during the 13th October 2020 and it will be available in streaming.

Neàpolis intervention will be between 16:30-17:30.
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MED GAIMS pitch: