NAWAMED: Sicilian stakeholders’ debate on the existing and innovative technologies for the use of non-conventional water

Next October 21, Sicilian stakeholders are called to participate to the second Water Table and debate on how fostering the use of non-conventional water resources (NCWR), focusing on the existing and innovative technologies to design tailored action plans and to treat rainwater and wastewater, thus to foster the reuse at urban level.  

To debate on the water related issues it’s necessary to integrate several competences that involve multilevel stakeholders and multidisciplinary speakers, high-level experts that can stimulate the debate. 

During the Water Table we will share the present and future challenges in order to evaluate the best measures to be planned. Consequently, the perfect starting point is the presentation of Paola Mercogliano - CMCC Foundation- Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change, about “climate change and water, a prospective for Italy and its cities”. Therefore Mark Cannata, Founder and CEO of the innovative integrated decision support system, called KASSANDRA, will underline the importance to see and foresee, harnessing climate change in urban environments.  Last, but not least, before the development of the working tables during which stakeholders can debate on responsible actors and on weaknesses and strengths of identified measures, Riccardo Bresciani, from IRIDRA S.r.l., technical partner of NAWAMED, will supply an overview on suitable nature based solutions to treat and reuse rainwater and wastewater at urban level, thus presenting some innovative measures including NAWAMEDs’ pilots.

This stakeholders’ meeting is following the fruitful first “Water Table” on the potential barriers for the use of NCWR held last June.  

The EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development – SVI.MED., with the support of the associated partner, Ferla Municipality (Syracuse), and the network of technical professionals of Syracuse is organising this cycle of four stakeholders’ meetings to jointly prepare a strategic document with suggestions for fostering the use of NCWR at Sicilian level, consequently contributing to a common Mediterranean strategy with the other NAWAMED partners.  

The online event, from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST, is in Italian and is open to the invited public authorities and key stakeholders. Nonetheless, if anyone is interested in participating, he/she can register here to submit the request.  

Agenda is downloadable here.

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