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NAWAMED: second stakeholders meeting in Tunisia to identify the possible non-conventional water resources technologies

The second national stakeholders meeting in Tunisia will focus on “Current and emerging Water Demand Management (WDM) / Non-Conventional Water Resource (NCWR) technologies”, and will be organized by the Centre for Water Research and Technologies (CERTE) next 15th of July as part of the work leaded by the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) of Malta, partner of NAWAMED Project.

During this second stakeholders’ meeting, defined as "Water Table", participants will identify the different emerging technologies for WDM / NCWR applicable in the Tunisian context. A review of experiences and technological projects is planned in order to discuss the technological possibilities and limitations and how to consider them at different levels of intervention. 

A specific focus will be applied to rainwater and grey water management as well as the reuse of treated water in urban areas. A discussion panel with stakeholders will deal with the different aspects, each one according to its involvement.

As already explained, promoting the first Water Table developed the last 21st of June (further information here), at the end of this second meeting, a set of conclusions and recommendations will be reported and merged with the first stakeholders meeting’s conclusions, for the upcoming meetings. The final conclusions will lead NAWAMED partners to the formulation of a set of country specific policy recommendations. Furthermore, these conclusions will be key to the development of a “Mediterranean Policy Document” which shall identify the key policy approaches required to support the increased adoption of WDM / NCWR at Mediterranean level.

The online event, from 10:00 to 13:00 (Tunis time) will be developed in French and is open to all under registration here  

The concept note, in French, is downloadable here

First version of the agenda is downloadable here

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