NAWAMED: "Rainwater, an available water resource to be better exploited!" - Pr. Ahmed Ghrabi, Center for Water Research and Technologies, Tunisia


In the frame of "Decision Makers workshop" organized by NAWAMED project, on March 8, 2022, covering local regulations and urban planning tools to foster Non-Conventional Water (NCW) reuse, Pr. Ahmed Ghrabi, talks about rainwater as a Non-Conventional Water resource not efficiently exploited.

Pr. Ghrabi is a Researcher and General Director of the Center for Water Research and Technologies (CERTE, Tunisia). Dealing with the subject of non-conventional water resources, He recalls that rainwater is a resource that is available during rainy periods, it just needs to be collected and with a simple treatment based on nature, as it is little polluted, this resource can be used either for irrigation, or for recycling within households, or to create spaces for recreation and entertainment, as green walls.

Green walls are one component of proven nature-based solutions for creating ecosystems that can include natural air purification and humidification, water treatment, etc.

It is very important to sensitize and to show which are the existing technologies at lower cost and easy to implement to take advantage of this water resource, available locally in rainy period

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