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NAWAMED partners Jordan to plan the next activities and promote the installation of the greywater treatment plants

The partners gather to discuss the project's remaining activities and visit the sites hosting the pilot plants in Jordan and meet the construction company in charge of building one of the greywater treatment plants.

The University of Jordan (UJ) will host the incoming NAWAMED Steering and Technical Committee meetings on the 13th and 14th of June 2022.

Representatives from the partners’ countries will attend the meeting in person to discuss the activities state of the art, the financial situation, and the next steps. 

Moreover, technical field visits to the UJ and Jerash pilot sites will be conducted during the event involving all the partners.  

Before the official project meeting start, on June 12, the University of Jordan, in cooperation with IRIDRA, the technical partner of NAWAMED, will visit the University of Jordan and Jerash pilot sites.  

IRIDRA experts with the UJ team will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Jerash site and discuss the design and the layout of the greywater treatment plant. 

In addition, IRIDRA engineers will provide training for the construction company concerning the innovation elements of the pilot installation at the UJ site. 

It would be an opportunity for the construction company to meet with the IRIDRA engineers who designed the water purifying system at the base of this nature-based solution for reusing greywater, thus examining issues related to the installation phases. 

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