NAWAMED meeting on the adoption of non-conventional water practices in Jordan

During the 2nd national stakeholders’ meeting organized by the University of Jordan (UJ), on the next 30th of June, stakeholders will discuss how water demand management and non-conventional water technologies can be applied to increase the adoption of these technologies at the user level. 

This meeting will focus on the theme “Current and emerging water demand management (WDM) and non-conventional water resource (NCWR) technologies”, and is organized in the frame of the mainstreaming related activities leaded by the Energy and Water Agency of Malta, partner of NAWAMED.

Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, NAWAMED project coordinator (UJ), Prof. Abbas Al-Omari (UJ), Eng. Nabil Wakileh, (Wakileh Contracting), and Eng. Ahmad Al-Braizat (Arab Towers Contracting Co -ATCCO) will deliver presentations on the targeted theme before opening the debate. 

The aim of this stakeholders’ meeting is to agree on a set of recommendations and conclusions about WDM/NCWR technologies that will be reported for stimulating the upcoming stakeholders' meeting. This is, in fact, the second of series meetings during which four key themes shall be discussed. For more information about the first meeting, developed the past 27th of May, please read the related news here

The country policy recommendations reached after these meetings, including the contributions collected by the other NAWAMED’s partners in Italy, Tunisia, Malta and Lebanon, will be the base to the development of a “Mediterranean Policy Document” which shall identify the key policy approaches required to support the increased adoption of WDM and NCWR at Mediterranean level.    

The online event, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Amman time) will be developed in English and Arabic languages and is open to all. 

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Meeting ID: 988 3555 4766 

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