NAWAMED: Investigating current and emerging technologies to address water scarcity in the Maltese islands

On the 14th of July 2021, the Energy and Water Agency of Malta shall be organizing a stakeholders  meeting discussing “Current and emerging technologies in the fields of Water Demand Management (WDM) and Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR)”. 

To set the scene, the meeting shall start with an overview of WDM and NCWR technologies that are currently being applied within the NAWAMED project consortium. This presentation will also identify the benefits of these technologies and assess the opportunities for their replication.  

The meeting will then proceed to introduce presentations from other projects active in Malta dealing with WDM and NCWR. One of these projects is the ALTERAQUA Project which is led by Global Water Partnership - GWP: a number of case studies will be presented, outlining diverse technologies which are specifically adapted to the Mediterranean context.

Representatives from the University of Malta will then present an innovative grey-water treatment technology that is being developed under the Micro watTS project, funded under the Interreg Italy-Malta Programme.  

Finally, the discussion will focus on identifying opportunities for contributing to the NAWAMED capitalization strategy. 

This second meeting, in fact, is out of a series of four national stakeholders’ meetings, referred to as Water Tables. The outcomes from this meeting shall then be discussed between the NAWAMED project partners during the 1st Mediterranean Water Table with the aim to gather stakeholders also from other countries to discuss and identify the potential value of water demand management and greywater reuse within Mediterranean Countries. This will then lead to the drafting of a Mediterranean Policy Document that will specifically discuss the promotion of NCWR and WDM. 

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