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NAWAMED e-Technical Workshop “Designing urban nature-based solutions for greywater reuse”

The Centre for Research and Water Technologies - CERTE (Tunisia), with the support of IRIDRA, as partners in the NAWAMED project coordinating respectively the work plans to transfer the know-how to local technicians and decision-makers and to design and supervise the pilot installations, organise the e-Technical Workshop (e-TWS): “Designing urban nature-based solutions for greywater reuse” from the 1st to the 8th of March.

The e-TWS focuses on the design of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for the treatment and recycling of greywater. The e-TWS consists of an open session (1st of March) and working groups on NAWAMED case studies and related coaching sessions (from the 2nd to 8th of March). 

The main objective of the first open session is to broadly debate about the use of urban NBSs for greywater reuse and Sustainable Water Management (SWM): technical feasibility, operating rules and the potential performances based on concrete examples of completed or ongoing case studies.
The speakers are Fabio Masi (IRIDRA) and Barbara Sarnari (EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development - SVI.MED.) for the NAWAMED project; Irene Morell Rodríguez (Joint Technical Secretariat) for the ENI CBC MED Programme; Konstantinos Plakas (Centre for Research
and Technology, Hellas) for the AQUACYCLE project; Simos Malamis (National Technical University of Athens) for the Horizon 2020 HYDROUSA project.

Furthermore, the selected participants to the working group (a limited number of participants) will analyse the NAWAMED case studies leaded by IRIDRA and NAWAMED partners, in order to:
1. Understand the operating principle of Constructed Wetland (CW) and Living Green Wall (LGW)
2. Analyse a real situation to treat wastewater and propose appropriate reuse options
3. Know the key design parameters and boundary conditions
4. Develop a NBS system: CW - ground or roof located “Wet Roof” (WR) - LGW and apply dimensioning and conceptual design

After the registrations the NAWAMED partners will select the candidates to form a multidisciplinary and international team. The priority will be given to candidates able to constitute 4 working groups composed by professionals (such as engineers specialised in wastewater treatment, ecological engineers, architects, urban water managers of public authorities, experts and researchers in water management and wastewater treatment etc..) with different skills and expertise, mainly from the NAWAMED Countries (Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Jordan and Tunisia). 

The e-TWS will be developed online and in English. 
Register here before the 21/02/2021 

For more details, download the brochure: NAWAMED_eTWS _1-8 March_21.pdf

For more information about the project and the cases studies visit the webpage and read the news of NAWAMED 

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