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NAWAMED: from barriers to feasible technologies for the urban water management in Lebanon, including non-conventional water resources

American University of Beirut (AUB) launches the cycle of NAWAMED “Water Tables” in Lebanon, organizing the first two national stakeholders’ meetings and involving relevant stakeholders. 

Stakeholders will tackle the interlinked themes: current and emerging water demand management (WDM) and non-conventional water resources (NCWR) technologies, as well as the barriers for their uptake in Lebanon. 

Dr. Yaser Abunnasr, NAWAMED project coordinator for AUB, will introduce the overall project and its conjuncture and implementation in Lebanon, while Dr. Nadim Farajalla, co-project investigator, will moderate the meetings around the targeted themes, taking place online over the course of two half days.

The stakeholders joining the discussion will address on the first day, July 28th, the present WDM and NCWR situation and examine the emerging technologies. The second day, July 29th, they will debate about the specific obstacles occurring within the country and how to overcome them and facilitate the implementation of best practices.

The outcome of the sessions will be formulated through a set of conclusions and recommendations through the feedbacks of participants. Those meetings will be quickly followed by two others addressing further WDM and NCWR critical themes. The final conclusions combining specific policy recommendations for Lebanon will feed into the development of a “Mediterranean Policy Document”, which objective, at project level, is to identify key policy approaches required to support the increased adoption of WDM and NCWR at Mediterranean level.

The online events, on July 28 and 29, 2021 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm (Beirut time) will be developed in English language and are joined upon personal invitations. 

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