MENAWARA supports the creation of a treated wastewater user association in Palestine


WeWorld-GVC, partner of the MENAWARA project, organized on December 3rd a meeting to support the creation of treated wastewater user association in Beit Dajan, Palestine. The meeting took place in the venue of the village council with the participation of twenty farmers and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture.

At the start of the meeting, the village council representatives expressed the willingness and motivation of the council to support this user association. WeWorld-GVC presented the long term vision of establishing a user’s entity, and the benefits that will be obtained in term of wastewater reuse management, and maintenance of the irrigation systems.

Finally, the Ministry of Agriculture representatives confirmed that they will support this initiative and will encourage the members to register the user association with the Ministry of Interior so it becomes a recognized legal entity. 

Following the discussion, the participants agreed to continue the work of the capacity building and awareness activities among farmers and the residents of the village.