MENAWARA holds meeting among water stakeholders in Palestine


WeWorld GVC, the Palestinian partner of the MENAWARA project, held a stakeholder meeting in recent days, hosted in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture – Nablus branch.
The meeting was attended by Beit Dajan Village Council, Palestinian Water Authority - PWA, Environmental Quality Authority - EQA, Ministry of Agriculture - MoA, Ministry of Local Government - MoLG,  Farmers Representation, Palestinian Hydrology Group - PHG.

Among the most important points of a very committed and rich debate, the stakeholders have agreed to start the process of formation of the User Association, so on the beginning of December 2020 a meeting will be organized in Beit Dajan with the farmers to setup a timetable of capacity building and awareness program, also to discuss an internal chart of the User Association with the support of the MoA.

It was also agreed that MENAWARA is an opportunity to open the dialogue between stakeholders at governorate level, and prepare recommendation paper that must be inline with the national policies that are already encouraging the reuse, and support reducing the pressure on domestic water.

So all the attendants have agreed to consider starting the work on this aspect in the first months of 2021, and to discuss with the project management a recommendation paper that takes into consideration the characteristics of the intervention area, but on the basis of  national strategies and policies regarding the reuse of treated water.