MENAWARA project will participate in the 5th Arab Water Forum


The 5th edition of Arab Water Forum (AWF) will be convened by the Arab Water Council during the period 21 - 23 September 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, under the patronage of the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure and supported by the League of Arab States and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt, in collaboration with national, regional and international partners.

Under the overarching Slogan “Arab Water Security for Peace and Sustainable Development”, the AWF will address three main priorities: Arab Water Security; Cooperation across Borders and Water for Sustainable Development including more than 14 different topics as well as cross cutting Means and Tools.

By connecting over 800+ relevant stakeholders, the Forum provides a unique platform for communication, and it is considered the stage where Arab water community leaders and key decision-makers thoroughly discuss water challenges that the Arab region is facing.

MENAWARA, in collaboration with International Water Management Institute, will actively contribute to responding to the real-time challenges of water resources management by organizing a panel session on Water Security in Mediterranean Region: Sustainable water reuse Strategies in Agriculture - Case studies & Regional Perspectives, in line with the aim of the project to strengthen the non-conventional water governance by disseminating and capitalizing innovative and technological solutions and the B4.1 objectives of the ENI CBC Med Programme action to implement water sustainable initiatives.

On 29th July, 2021, Quirico Migheli, Alberto Carletti and Alessandra Paulotto from Desertification Research Centre - University of Sassari, Italian lead beneficiary of the MENAWARA project, participated in the preparatory meeting where the agenda and logistics arrangements were shared. The meeting was also the occasion to deepen the topics to be discussed during the Forum.