MEDWAYCAP high level National Workshop in Italy to foster water circularity

On Tuesday 20 June, the National Association of Consortiums for the Management and Protection of the Territory and Irrigation Waters - A.N.B.I. together with the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari - CIHEAM Bari and with the support of the Euromediterranean Center for Sustainable Development - SVI.MED and the Desertification Research Centre - University of Sassari, as partners of MEDWAYCAP, will organise a National Workshop in Italy at the A.N.B.I. headquarters in Rome.

The aim of this "business-to-business" workshop is therefore to bring together agricultural water and network managers, technicians, economic operators and leaders in the creation of "green" jobs to discuss and address the following issues:

- How to integrate policies and enable large-scale adoption of proposed solutions with a market-based approach? 
- Which solutions, strategies and policies are best suited to create truly circular processes?  
- How to structure a long-term capitalisation of research results and technological innovation, involving all stakeholders in the water supply chain at national and local levels?

In order to address these challenges and to promote the large-scale adoption of the proposed measures, as well as to support the identification of new economic and management opportunities in the context of a circular economy, the involvement of public and private stakeholders at national and local level is crucial. 

The outcome of the national meetings will be a final action plan with recommendations and proposals for technical, political and financial means to make the identified solutions replicable and sustainable best practice models over time. Finally, the creation of a local network will allow for the medium to long term development of the identified initiatives. 

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