MEDWAYCAP celebrates World Water Day 2023 to spread awareness. Let us Accelerate the Change!


This year, the MEDWAYCAP project once again celebrated World Water Day 2023. The theme of this year was: “Accelearating Change”, highlighting the changes required to solve the water and sanitation crisis. The theme signifies the importance of the proper use of water for people's daily needs and invites us to consider the challenges and opportunities associated with water management, including issues of access, distribution and conservation. This taking in mind the commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 by 2030, which aims to ensure safe management of water and sanitation for all. 

On this day, various local and global organisations unite to make voluntary commitments to solve the global water crisis and continue efforts to achieve the SDG 6. The MEDWAYCAP project also took action in different ways: the PROSIM and AQUACYCLE partners, two projects capitalised within MEDWAYCAP, participated in the event organised by ENI CBC MED and PRIMA programme, a webinar entitled "A united Mediterranean for a sustainable management and use of water", as examples of good practices developed by ENI CBC MED.  Our Greek partner presented results and experiences from the operation of the eco-innovative technology demonstrated at the Blanca WWTP in Spain by their partner ESAMUR within the AQUACYCLE project, while the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) presented the pilot plant installed in Jordan through a video. 

SVI.MED- Euro Mediterranean Centre For Sustainable Development organised an event in Ferla (Sr) on 25 March, where the NAWAMED green wall, called Wall2Water, has been installed at the Valle dell'Anapo school. It was an opportunity to talk about best practices and the importance of saving water with the community, children and adults, who also took part in the NAWAMED short movie. 

 On 17 March, the Energy and Water Agency (EWA), together with the Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean, hosted a conference on "Promoting Non-Conventional Water Resources in Malta", which brought together foreign and local experts to share their best practices and frameworks for planning non-conventional water resources management. Each session was followed by a panel discussion where stakeholders were encouraged to contribute and express their ideas and opinions to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. As part of the conference, EWA also disseminated the MEDWAYCAP travelling exhibition by displaying the infographic posters developed as part of the exhibition. 

Finally, the Centre des Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux (CERTE) celebrated the day on 19 March by opening the MEDWAYCAP exhibition to visitors at the City of Sciences in Tunis. This event provided an opportunity for individuals and organisations to learn about the MEDWAYCAP project and the importance of sustainable water practices.

In conclusion, World Water Day 2023 is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the critical role of water in our lives and to advocate for sustainable water management practices. By valuing water and taking action to protect this essential resource, the MEDWAYCAP project wanted to help spread knowledge to build a better future for ourselves and future generations.