MEDUSA: The Launching of the Mediterranean Sub-Grant Adventure Tourism Competition


As part of the MEDUSA project’s activities to enhance adventure tourism products and experiences in the Mediterranean, the project is launching “the Mediterranean sub-grant Adventure Tourism Competition” on November 11, 2021 in 5 countries: Spain, Lebanon, Italy, Jordan and Tunisia. The Competition’s purpose is two-fold: first, to catalyze the creation of new innovative and quality tourism products and experiences, as well as upgrading existing products that will increase interest in the Mediterranean as a sustainable Adventure Tourism destination; second, to increase the visibility and attractiveness of lesser-known destinations, decreasing seasonality and balancing the distribution of income in the participating territories.

The Competition offers two different types of support. First, it provides financial support to fund the costs of the development of Adventure Tourism products and their promotion. Secondly, it delivers technical support through tourism product development experts, who shall mentor and guide beneficiaries in the implementation process of the sub-grant program.

Application to the Competition follows a two-phase process (1st. Concept Note, 2nd. Full Application). Interested applicants must submit their Concept Notes by December 1, 2021. Following this first phase, short-listed applicants will be invited to participate in the second phase of the Competition, which includes participation in technical training activities on business planning, marketing, international sales and market access.  This training should empower them to submit a full-fledged grant application. More than 20 grants will be approved in the different countries, counting more than 3 sub-grants per country.

Mediterranean sub-grant Adventure Tourism Competition is giving the chance to interested applicants to receive a grant amount up to EUR 50,000, based on approved activities and envisaged products, such as developing new Adventure Tourism programme activities, improving and developing existing Adventure Tourism products, enhancing adventure supporting services and finally developing and creating adventure itineraries in less known destinations. 

In order to be eligible to receive a sub-grant, the applicant must be a legally constituted micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME), non-governmental organization (NGO), registered home-based business (local community), or a governmental body involved in tourism development. If the lead applicant is not an MSME, the application must demonstrate how MSMEs will be beneficiaries of the proposal. The Competition only accepts applicants from Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia. Please see the details of the Competition for the eligible territories of these countries that applicants should be based in.

Interested parties are invited to apply now for a chance to boost their ability to implement Adventure Tourism projects and activities through the Adventure Tourism Competition!

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