MEDUSA: The complexity of tourism's life cycle


In the MEDUSA project evaluation report, Dr. Lluís Prats, Chair of the Tourism Research Institute in the University of Girona analyzes the complexity of tourism's life cycle due to various internal and external factors affecting its course.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted tourism in eight different dimensions, including psychological, healthcare, social, economic, cultural, technological, environmental, and political perspectives.

Four patterns have been identified in the behavior of tourists since the outbreak of COVID-19, including the choice of destination, duration of the trip, mode of transport, and the way people travel. Domestic tourism has increased, and natural spaces have become more crowded, while urban destinations and popular coastal spots have been avoided.

Check the report out now to learn about the strategies and initiatives which can be implemented to mitigate the impact of crises like COVID-19 and promote innovation and awareness towards greener tourism, leading to more resilient solutions.