MEDUSA: Call for tenders to develop marketing and promotion activities for partner territories


As part of the MEDUSA project marketing activities, the MEDUSA partners launched a call for tender to develop marketing tools to support the plan implementation through the remaining project lifetime. 

Deadline for submission of the offers:

The deadline for submission of Proposals is October 4th, 2021 at 12 CET.


The tender value is 48,000 EUR excluding VAT***.

Address and means of submission of the tenders:

The applicants will submit their offers via e-mail addressed to RMF and shall clearly mark the subject as per reference above. The message will clearly indicate:

Title of the tender

Reference number

Name and address of the applicant

The tender submission form and any supporting documentation will be provided as attachment to the e-mail.

For more information, check the request for proposal, the template and Annex 1