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MedTOWN in Spain holds a round table to disseminate tools and initiatives on sustainable consumption, social and solidarity economy & co-production

On Wednesday 8th November 2023, Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP), lead beneficiary of MedTOWN project, promotes in Seville, Spain, the round table entitled ‘Sustainable consumption, economy and co-production tools to improve people's lives in Mediterranean countries: European MedTOWN project’.

The event is designed to disseminate the tools developed within the framework of the MedTOWN project and to put them in relation with other implemented initiatives that are also focused on sustainable consumption, co-production or the social and solidarity economy.

The tools and initiatives to be presented by speakers are:

  • Welcome and introduction to the MedTOWN project tools. Georgia Karavangeli (MedTOWN project director, ACPP)
  • CAIS co-production initiatives: a service-oriented network. Israel Sánchez (CAIS)
  • WeCoop Mujeres ESS, an innovative project from MedRiSSE Lab. Lola Sanjuán (CKL Comunicaciones Coop)
  • Clickoin technological solutions for SSE digital management and sustainable consumption. Lorenzo Fuentesal (Clickoin)
  • Municipalist cooperation to support SSE projects. Rafael García Matíes (Musol Foundation)
  • Research, a key role in co-construction with the SSE. Samuel Barco (Diesis Network)
  • Experiences on the support of European projects to local innovative initiatives. David Pino (CADE, Andalucía Emprende)

Afterwards there will be time for discussion among speakers, stakeholders and attendees to analyse how these projects are helping to improve people´s lives in the Mediterranean countries. Conclusions will be drawn and added to MedTOWN project's knowledge base.

Place: Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Palacio Marqueses de la Algaba. Plaza Calderón de la Barca, s/n

Date: Wednesday 8th November. From 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm.

Attendants: MedTOWN project partners, invited projects’ partners, stakeholders, interested public. Open event to public.

Programme in English, here

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