MedTOWN in Spain contributes to promote social entrepreneurship in District V, Huelva

PRECOSOL is a cooperative that promotes social economy. It is a community cooperative, spin-off of the University of Huelva. It is located in the province of Huelva and seeks among its workers an integrated job where they can carry out activities for the promotion and revitalization of the social economy.

The learning process has been very important, it has been motivating. I have participated in all the sessions because I liked it. It has helped me to think and reinforce and has encouraged me to present this project.

The objective of our project is to promote social entrepreneurship and a different way of seeing and understanding the economy in a District, District V of the city of Huelva, one of the most disadvantaged Districts with a high rate of youth unemployment. This is the reason why we focus on high school and vocational training students, to encourage them in this type of entrepreneurship. At the same time, we will also work with teachers to provide them with training and tools so that they can replicate it in future courses. We work with entities of the social economy to show the great variety of experiences that exist in the sector, together with the public administration, with the Andalusian Center of Entrepreneurship, to present the tools they have available so that the projects ideas that can be born can be supported by an official body.

The impact that we seek with the implementation of this project is to be able to transform the mentality and the way of understanding the economy, by the different groups involved in the project, whether they are students or teachers.