MedTOWN promoting social entrepreneurship initiatives in the Mediterranean & local trainer closing event

As the MedTOWN project is entering its final phase, the time has come to showcase the achievements and learnings of the Pilot Projects that are being funded in Jordan, Tunisia and Spain. MedTOWN project promotes the collaboration among the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) actors and the public authorities in order to improve the provision of social services to vulnerable groups. For that purpose, an online training course was developed and delivered in 6 Mediterranean countries on how to co-produce social services in order to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion. SSE actors that participated in the training had the chance to apply for funding under the sub grants scheme of the MedTOWN project to implement their own co-production initiatives and prove that multilateral partnerships can deliver better quality of services and have a greater impact on the social and economic integration of vulnerable groups

You can register through the following link

30th November, 2023

10.00am CET

Thematic discussion - Zoom



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