MedTOWN: supporting the capacities of social and solidarity economy actors


The objective of this call for sub-grant proposals is to support local co-production initiatives that will tackle poverty, inequality and social exclusion in collaboration with a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) entity and a local public authority. The overall objective is to demonstrate that the co-production model delivers better quality of social services and makes the public expenditure more effective and efficient. 
This call for sub-grant proposals is addressed to SSE entities and to civil society organisations that operate in the following sectors: 

•    Support of local economy and SSE
•    Youth employment
•    Family and social care
•    Health care
•    Gender equality
•    Education and training
•    Technology divide
•    Culture
•    Climate change
Each subgrant proposal should demonstrate the involvement, collaboration and interest of a public administration. 

Specific objectives of the call for sub-grants

  • Promote the establishment of multi-lateral parternships between the SSE entities, the public and the private sector in eco-social co-production initiatives to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion
  • Introduce innovative reforms of service delivery
Potential beneficiaries

Be non-profit-making organization or a for profit entitiy from the SSE sector - having the specific feature of producing goods, services and knowledge while pursuing both economic and social aims and fostering solidarity and collectivity - such as (among others): NGOs, cooperatives, mutual benefit societies, associations, foundations, non-profit and social enterprises

Total available budget

300.000,00 €

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

At least 10 projects in 6 countries (Greece, Palestine, Tunisia, Jordan and Spain). The number of sub grants per country will be determined based on the quality and relevance, potential impact, multiplier effect and demonstrative value of proposals submitted.

Palestine: 60.000,00 €
Tunisia: 60.000,00 €
Jordan: 60.000,00 €
Greece: 55.000,00 €
Spain: 55.000,00 € 
Portugal: 10.000,00€

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

•    Education and training on eco-social transformation, sustainable development, just and green transition
•    Support of local economy and small business through the use of complementary currencies (local currencies, timebanks, credit vouchers, etc)
•    Employment support services and guidance to young people and long term unemployed 
•    Activities that promote economic and social inclusion through the SSE sector (awareness of the advantages of the SSE sector in fighting social inclusion, capacity training skills on SSE start-ups, etc)
•    Activities that support already SSE established initiatives that are active in the above-mentioned sectors
•    Activities that support services directed to the improvement of family well being and of the social and health care services in general (elderly people, people with disabilities, vulnerable groups)
•    Activities that promote gender equality
•    Activities that combat digital exclusion and divide
•    Community actions for culture and climate change

Selection criteria and award procedure

Applications will be examined and evaluated by a National Evaluation Committee (NEC) composed by representatives of the specific partner and the Lead Beneficiary, the Spanish NGO Assemblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP). In the case of Palestine, the Palestiniann parnter, Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) will also participate in the NEC and in the case of Spain, the private company Tier 1 S.L, Spanish partner of MedTOWN, will participate in the NEC as well.
Three steps of evaluation
1.    Opening and administrative checks
2.    Quality Evaluation of the application
3.    Verification of eligibility of the applicants


Open from 08/05/2023 to 31/05/2023

Open from 28/03/2023 to 05/05/2023

Open from 01/03/2023 to 02/04/2023

Open from 01/03/2023 to 23/03/2023

Open from 20/05/2022 to 04/07/2022

More information about the calls:


Georgia Karavangeli
Project Director and Coordinator
Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz
Tel: 0034 954171990