MEDSt@rts: towards a transnational network of microfinance actors across the Mediterranean


The main objective of 'Med microfinance support system for start-ups' (MEDSt@rts) project is to design a common cross-border strategy by providing access to credit for usually non-bankable people, developing an innovative model which can be easily replaced in different environments.

In this context, the players active in the field of micro-finance have an important role. In fact, they will be able to effectively contribute to the support of new start-ups and innovative projects by joining the networking that will be established.

For this reason, each project partner has been organizing a series of meetings with local actors. The first appointments were held in Palestine (April 21st) and Tunisia (April 29th), but many other meetings are already scheduled in the next weeks: one promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax (May 6th) and four promoted by The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Saida and South Lebanon (May 7th, 11th, 13th and 18th). 

The objective of the meetings is to better describe the project, its aims and what type of role each actor will have in the transnational constituting network. Once activated, the network will have the following purposes: 

  • maintain a permanent and constructive dialogue on microfinancing issues;
  • support and contribute on project microfinance scheme planning;
  • provide expertise and advice of further project promotional and financing schemes;
  • foster the mutual cooperation, learning and best practice between partner and other important entities of micro-finance sector that provide support to self-employment and microcredit;
  • share best practices with other institutions coming from the project’s countries. 

For more information about the project, funded by ENI CBC Med Programme, please visit its website.