MEDSt@rts is ready to consolidate its innovative supporting model for Mediterranean “non-bankable” people


MEDSt@rts was born to help young people with promising business ideas overcome the traditional credit constraints to start or scale up their enterprise and, in its final stage, it aims to carry out several actions to strengthen and enhance the results obtained.

Its 7 partners are completing last activities with 66 startups funded, having developed in five countries (Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia) incubation programs involving direct beneficiaries in scouting, training, mentorship and guidance activities.

After receiving a loan of 10,000 euros, the young protagonists of the initiative will soon be supported through innovative actions based on the development of personalized fundraising projects for their business.

The new transnational campaign will be supported by selected experts and by the activity of the Microfinance Newtork, built in recent months thanks to a series of events and forums: cooperation between the public and private sectors is indeed considered of strategic importance not only for identifying the most effective tools, but also for the full promotion of the MEDSt@rts inclusive finance model.

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