MEDSt@rts: the Chamber of Saida and South Lebanon is looking for Mentors


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Saida and South Lebanon, partner of MEDSt@rts, is looking for Mentors, who will be responsible for the provision of support and assistance services to the 15 MEDSt@rts entrepreneurs and startups through online mentorship sessions.

The Sales mentor will be responsible for identifying the needs of the entrepreneurs and providing each of them with customized sales-related consulting services according to their goals, needs, and vision.

The Customer Service Mentor will be responsible for mentoring the entrepreneurs and allowing them the knowledge needed to provide easy and enjoyable experiences for the customer, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the growth of the startup.

The Marketing Mentor will be responsible for drafting marketing plans for each participant based on the nature of their work and vision. Mentees are expected to receive structure, guidance, and support services, allowing them to develop marketing and management skills that would help them tackle a variety of marketing challenges.

The Financial Mentor will be responsible for developing Financial Plans and Budget Allocation plans for each entrepreneur. Furthermore, they are expected to assist the MedSt@rts entrepreneurs in dealing with any budgeting difficulties they may face. They are also in charge of the assessment of the financial situation of each participant and develop it accordingly, ensuring longevity, sustainability, and success in the marketplace.

The Human Resource Mentor will be responsible for drafting investment plans and strategies for each entrepreneur, that allow them to set realistic and long-term goals.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 31 August 2021, 16:00 pm (Lebanese hour).

To apply, please see the terms of reference on the Chamber website.  

Interested tenderers can send their CV and tenders as per tender specification and TOR to