MedSNAIL showcases its results on Mediterranean sustainable agri food models in its Legacy publication

FAMP edition

The Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), as MedSNAIL Lead Partner, has collected the project’s main milestones in its Legacy publication, a document that summarises the results derived from MedSNAIL with the aim of replicating and capitalising its methodology, inspired by the Slow Food principles and tools. Slow Food, MedSNAIL Italian partner, is an international grassroots organisation that promotes traditional food with a strong focus on the preservation of biodiversity and respect for local land and culture.

The methodological development of MedSNAIL should be understood as a “living” process in which the different pilot areas of the project have adapted the starting resources by introducing strategic innovations and sharing difficulties and solutions, resulting in a set of “territorialised” processes to move towards competitive, fair and sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean.

In this way, the MedSNAIL Legacy will serve to document and transfer the main results of the project, in both quantitative and qualitative formats, to the future. Furthermore, it also aims to serve as a summary document, tracing the trajectory of the project as a Mediterranean cooperation experience, in which each partner, from its geographical area and field of expertise, has contributed and has been enriched with multiple lessons learned, which are also manifested in the pages of the document.

With all this, the MedSNAIL Legacy is a proof, in the words of the partners themselves, of the transformative capacity that the project has shown in the areas selected for its implementation, and of how MedSNAIL has contributed to moving towards more sustainable agri-food models that are better able to face the challenges of our time.