MedRISSE Microcampaign 2.2: MedRiSSE works everyday for Women's empowerment

This second video of the second microcampaign is called "MedRiSSE works everyday for Women's empowerment" ¡Working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals!

The pill introduces the women's empowerment as a key for MedRiSSE, our capitalized projects & partners. MedRISSE project increases every day female employment and empowers women by promoting and supporting women's cooperatives. They are part of the Community of Practice of MedRiSSE project.

The digital microcampaigns are a further line of dissemination and are part of the overall communication strategy of MedRiSSE project. The eight thematic areas show the improvements that the project's tools can bring to Mediterranean people. For this purpose, they are focused on the cross-cutting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) themes related to MedRiSSE and the five capitalised projects (MedTOWN, MoreThanAJob, MedUP!, Citess and RUWOMED).

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