MedRiSSE is launching the first public-private dialogue on social innovation in the Mediterranean area

On 12th May 2023, Oxfam Italia, one of MedRiSSE partners in Italy,  will be hosting a public-private dialogue event in the city of Florence, Italy. This event, organized as part of the MedRiSSE project, aims to bring together representatives from various sectors, including civil society, public administration, entrepreneurship, research centers, and universities, to discuss social innovation in the Mediterranean region.

The event will commence with a screening of the docu-film "Qaderat," which shares the inspiring stories of six women social entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Following this, there will be an opportunity to delve deeper into the experiences of female entrepreneurs in the region, with a focus on identifying potential synergies to support sustainable and inclusive projects.

The public-private dialogue will feature a panel discussion with distinguished attendees such as Jose María Ruibérriz, the Social Solidarity Economy Focal Point of the lead partner of the MedRiSSE project from Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz (ACPP); Dr. Maali Diab, the founder of Muffaker and a Palestinian entrepreneur; Manar Ramadan, co-founder of Banlastic and an Egyptian entrepreneur; Diye Ndiaye, from the Municipality of Scandicci in Italy; and Simone Siliani, from the Fondazione Finanza Etica, among others.

The dialogue is expected to generate a series of recommendations for promoting social innovation in the Mediterranean region. In the coming months, another public-private event will be organized in Palestine to help engage a larger number of co-production projects in the future.

You can register to the event in the following link: Partecipa - Oxfam festival

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