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MedRiSSE event 'What’s next? Policy advocacy and durable impact: lessons learnt from MedRiSSE project'

Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP), lead beneficiary of MedTOWN project, organises the event ‘What’s next? Policy advocacy and durable impact: lessons learnt from MedRiSSE project’ in Seville, Spain, on Wednesday 8th November 2023.


This MedRiSSE project event will be focused on debate on policy advocacy and the impact achieved, as well as lessons learnt during the implementation of MedRiSSE project over a period of two years, through the capitalization of five European project developed in Mediterranean countries.

The event is based on discussing different possible concepts related to the project,as:

  • Promoting the role of SSE in developing the green economy
  • Women Empowerment through Supporting Cooperatives
  • Enhancing cooperation between higher education, social entrepreneurs & the SSE sphere
  • Digital local currencies in public procurement and expenditure
  • Blended mechanisms for access to financing

Project partners will be asked questions for future initiatives, as:

  • How was the experience around a collaborative and cooperation project in the post-Covid era?
  • What do you consider best ways to adapt best practices from north to south in Mediterranean basin, and vice versa?
  • Is it possible to continue the implementation of a project in the MENA region with the war context?
  • How would it be a second part 'MedRiSSE project'? Where to improve?
  • What would it be replicated from MedRiSSE project experience?


The open discussion among speakers, stakeholders and attendees with end with the final conclusions to be taken into account by MedRiSSE project and capitazed projects in order to consider them in future initiatives to disseminate best practises in Mediterranean countries.


Place: Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Palacio Marqueses de la Algaba. Plaza Calderón de la Barca, s/n


Date: Wednesday 8th November 2023. From 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm.

Attendants: MedRiSSE project partners, invited projects’ partners, stakeholders, interested public. Open event to public.

In English.


Programme in English, here

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