[MEDISS] Pre-bid meeting and site visit at the Jordan Valley pilot plant (Palestine)

On 5 May 2021, our Palestinian partner, Governorate of Jericho, assisted by Palestinian Wastewater Engineering Group, MEDISS lead beneficiary, in conducting the 3rd pre-bid meeting and site visit to the area where the water blending system* will be constructed, in the Jodan Valley pilot site. 

*Non-conventional water is becoming the main resource of water for agriculture as conventional sources of quality water decline or are redirected  for other uses.  The major sources are wastewater and saline (or brackish) water from groundwater, drainage, and surface sources. Non-conventional water can be used as it is or blended with other water to produce the desired quality and quantity. 

During the meeting, the interested bidders received clarifications and details over the tenders. They were conducted in the area where the Wadi Quilt water will be blended with the treated wastewater from the treatment plant and the saline water from the water wells located in Jericho.

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