Water management: MEDISS continues meetings with beneficiaries in Palestine


MEDISS lead partner, Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG), continues to meet MEDISS beneficiaries in Jericho to deepen and refine the expected activities and benefits of the project in Palestine.

MEDISS plant in Palestine will be located in the north-east area of the city of Jericho, near the wadi Quilt.
It is an agricultural area most of it cultivated with Medjul date palms.
The plant is intended to store and blend nonconventional wadi water, saline water and treated wastewater (TWW). Irrigation pilot area estimated: 400 ha.

These sessions are part of continuous series of meetings with MEDISS beneficiaries in Jericho, represented by the Palm Farmers Cooperative Association (PFCA). 

Palm Farmers Cooperative Association (PFCA) 

Palm Farmers Cooperative Association (PFCA) is a specialized agriculture cooperative for date palm growers in Jericho and the Jordan Valley. PFCA seeks to support the Palestinian agriculture development and supports date palm farmers, small producers in particular, with a view to improve economic, social, cultural, environmental conditions. 

During the meeting, thorough discussions were carried out with regard to the status of the implementation of the pilot plant design and setup.

The meeting was hosted by the Governorate of Jericho & Al-Aghwar, MEDISS partner, which expressed to farmers the necessity of their support and involvement in the project for its success and sustainability.