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MedArtSal fair: the first edition of the salt international fair in Tunisia

The Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (, partner of project, is organizing the first edition of the MedArtSal International Fair, that will be held in a hybrid format, on the 24th & 25th of March 2022, in presence at the Movenpick Hotel du Lac in Tunis and in virtual mode via the platform:

The objective of the fair is to highlight the production, both traditional and innovative, of salinas in the Mediterranean, creating opportunities for B2B meetings between operators in the sector and potential clients/partners who will attend the event, both in person and virtually.

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SAVE THE DATE: 24 and 25 March 2022


sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas

The Programme

24th March

9:30 – 17:00 Business opening of Exhibition Area - exhibition area will be accessible during the 2 days both physically and virtually

9:30 – 17:00 B2B meetings: 20 minutes appointment (from 08:00 for virtual meeting)

15:30 - Official opening with institutional ceremony (a streaming will be done on the platform)

15:30 Welcoming speech CTICI and Italian Ambassador

Mr. Gaetano Zarlenga, Managing Director of CUEIM- Welcome video-speech

Ms. Aida Darghouth Asli, Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) | ENI CBC MED Programme

Speech UE Delegation in Tunisia

Speech Tunisian minister in charge of Salinas

Speech FAO representative in Tunisia about the importance of Salinas in feeding


25th March

9:30 – 17:00 Business opening of Exhibition Area (exhibition area will be accessible during the 2 days both physically and virtually)

9:30 – 17:00 B2B meetings: 20 minutes appointment (from 08:00 for virtual meeting)


9:30 – 11:00 Technical Workshop: “MedArtSal project and its role in supporting Mediterranean Artisanal salt producers – synergy, networking and clustering”

The workshop aims to highlight the opportunities and the added values in participating in collaborative projects by sharing the experience from other EU funded projects and how being part of a network may facilitate the creation of new synergies and of ideas for further business activities.

Workshop organized by: MEDSEA Foundation, Italy (Alessio Satta, Elisa Ulazzi, Manuela Puddu)

Moderator: Tiziana Campisi,  Project Manager of CUEIM (Italy)

Language: nglish/French


9:30   “MedArtSal project and its role in supporting Mediterranean Artisanal salt producers”. Mr Alessio Satta - MEDSEA Foundation (Italy)

9:40    “Expérience de l’ACG et ses partenaires pour la promotion des salines”. Ms Sana Taktak Keskes - ACG Generations (Tunisia)

             “Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) in the salt ponds”. Dr. Lobna Boudaya Ascob-Syrtis (Tunisia)

10:00  “Saline Ettore e Infersa: an example of sustainable development. A project for tradition and innovation in sea salt production”Mr Antonio D'ali'Staiti – SEI-Saline Ettore e Infersa Srl (Italy)

10:15   MedArtSal: A Boost for the Production of Lebanese White Gold”. Imad Malek - Malek’s Salinas (Lebanon)

10:30  “ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Boosting cross border Organic Ecosystem through enhancing agro-food alliances” (CBC MED project). Eng. Omar B. Allahham, Director of Agreements and International Cooperation Directorate - Ministry of Agriculture (Jordan)

10:45   Questions and Answers

11:00 – 12:30 Technical Workshop: “Products diversification in Salinas: a help for sustainability”

The aim of this workshop is to show new products that can be developed in Salinas which could help to increase sustainability making compatible economy and environmental conservation.

Workshop organized by: University of Cadiz (Spain)

Language: English


11:00 Macarena Castro (Cádiz University-Spain). Workshop presentation

11:05 Hanène Medini. (Saida- Tunis). Microalgae exploitation in salinas: A business diversification opportunity

11:20 Félix López Figueroa (Málaga University-Spain): Aquaculture of seaweeds in Salinas for natural cosmetic applications.

11:35 Short video about how to do cosmetics from algae in Salinas. 

11:40 Arnau Teixidor (IUCN-Med): « L’écotourisme et le tourisme expérientiel pour la dynamisation des salines artisanales dans des espaces naturels protégés : le Réseau MEET et l’expérience du Parc de la Bahia de Cadiz. [TC1] 

11:55 Macarena Castro and Yana Korneeva (Cádiz University- Spain): How to maintain and increase biodiversity in Salinas and promote birdwatching. 

12:10 Alejandro Pérez-Hurtado (Central Service Salinas la Esperanza- Spain). Integral and sustainable economic diversification in Salinas La Esperanza, Cádiz University. 

12:25 Experiences of granted Salinas:  

    • Héctor Bouzo. Salina la Roqueta:  installing a microalgae plant for gastronomic purpose.
    • Inma Salado. Salinas de Chiclana: Saline SPA and cosmetics line from macroalgae

12:30 - 13:30 Marketing and e-commerce platform

Workshop organized by: University of Cadiz (Spain)

Language: to be defined



15:00 – 16:30 Scientific Workshop for students: “Extraction des Carotenoides”

Classes and schools from Tunis and Cartage will be involved in order to discover the “Salinas world”. This scientific lab will show how to extract micro algae from salt plant and how to use them in cosmetics and pharma industry.

Workshop organized by: Saida S.A (Tunisia)

Language: French 


15:00 Presentation

- Define pigments

- Identify carotenoids and their use

- Understand some green methods for technical extraction of carotenoids

- The microalgae Dunalliella salina: a valuable source of carotenoids

- Exchange of technical knowledge on techniques for the extraction of carotenoids from Dunaliella salina in vegetable oils.

- Products based on vegetable oil enriched with Dunaliella salina carotenoids

15:35 Practical tests: student participation in the extraction of carotenoids from Dunaliella salina under manual agitation

16:15 Presentation of some prototype cosmetic products based on carotenoid-enriched oil

 16:30 Closure of the Fair

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