MED4EBM: thematic scoping for applying the Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Corigliano Gulf - Italy


Undergoing different workshop with a focus on integrated coastal zone management, Amici della Terra Onlus held the first workshop, on 25 February, 4, 11 and 18 March (2021) focused on participatory thematic scoping for the EB-ICZM-DSS application.

During the Second Workshop (March 31 - April 22) the stakeholders continued their participatory activity and elaborated diagrams, visual representations of the thematic scoping reports.

The workshops are part of the MED4EBM project activities functional to the establishment of stakeholder cooperation and coordination platform for the implementation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (EB-iCZM) based on the ecosystem in the Corigliano Gulf.

The results of the workshops are a series of diagrams, created using ISP software, for the EB-ICZM-DSS application in the Corigliano Gulf that illustrates the relationships between the biophysical and socio-economic components identified as relevant by the stakeholders in the previous workshop. Furthermore, for each diagram, stakeholders were asked to identify and explain the relationships between the components, relationships that were shown in the diagram as arrows. Stakeholders suggested a short expression, such as a verb expressing an action, to be written on the arrow, to describe the nature of the relationships between the components.

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