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MED4EBM workshop in Tunisia to finalise the ecosystem analysis for better coast management in Kneiss islands

Under the MED4EBM framework the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer in Tunisia conducts a workshop on "Establishing a stakeholder cooperation and coordination platform for implementing Ecosystem-Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management (EB-ICZM)" in the Kneiss Islands Nature Reserve. 

The workshop is the final step of the Ecosystem Context Analysis for the EBM planning team to develop a set of quantitative indicators and indexes to quantitatively characterize each component and sub-component of the system-diagram. All the information and data from technical report, scientific papers as well from any other relevant source will be collected and analysed to enter the proper information. As this is an added value for the Kneiss Islands Nature Reserve. 

Agenda in English and French 

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