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MED4EBM will share its results on improving Ecosystem-Based Management in its final event in Tunisia

As the end of the MED4EBM project is approaching, public information and technical events have been organized in Italy, Jordan, and Lebanon, where the partners have teamed up to solve the limitations of the actual mainstreaming of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

The National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM), Tunisian partner of MED4EBM, will host the final meeting in Tunisia, which will include the 8 steering committee meetings in addition to the closure meeting.

The closure meeting will feature a presentation of the partners' most significant achievements in the four target areas and an overview of the outcomes that have been accomplished over the past four years, during which the main objectives were achieved. This event will bring together partners, stakeholders, key representatives, and all the active parties that have been involved in the project's development since day one and have actively contributed to its remarkable success and results.

The closure meeting will also include a field visit to the project’s target area: Kneiss Islands Natural Reserve.

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