MED4EBM in Tunisia targets local communities for resources’ sustainable management in Kneiss Islands


Under the framework of MED4EBM project, The National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM), organized the third awareness-raising/sensitization event in Kneiss Islands on the 21st of June 2022 in Ghraiba Delegation Headquarters.

Around 50 participants from the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers, fishermen, women clam collectors, local authorities and NGOs participated in the event. The main objective of the was to raise awareness on maintaining the natural resources of the Reserve of Kneiss Islands and discuss sustainable management solutions to tackle current issues and obstacles.

The day was divided in panel sessions conducted through presentations and interventions by INSTM´s researchers, and representatives from the Regional Commissariat for Agricultural Development (CRDA) aiming at enhancing coordination and collaboration for the socio-economic and ecosystem well-being based on a participatory approach that has been worked on through previous events and workshops involving the local community.