MED4EBM in Tunisia organises an event on the economic potential of the blue crab and its sustainability

The awareness-raising  event “Blue crab, a new economic resource: exploitation, valorisation and sustainability” is organised by MED4EBM Tunisia partner.

The invasive blue swimming crab Portunis segnis is a voracious predator that wreaks havoc on bottom ecosystems, shreds fishermen's nets, and ruins their catches. It was first observed in the Gulf of Gabès (south-eastern Tunisia, Eastern Mediterranean Sea) at the end of 2014, where, it has proliferated rapidly, and has quickly grown into an important fishery (during the peak season, it accunted for more than 70% of the catch).

In Tunisia, this species went from a problem to a resource, through specific investments and projects. Since 2019, factories for processing and marketing blue crab to Asian, European, and American markets have settled in the region (Kerkennah, Sfax, Mahrès, Skhira), resulting in economic growth and progress. The blue crab offers a new source of income for the families of fishermen whose livelihoods are impacted by its overpopulation.

The sector continues to draw significant commercial interest, and measures to control the exploitation of this valuable resource must be implemented.

This event will include blue crab exploitation stakeholders and aims to raise awareness among fishermen and investors in Kneiss islands area (Mahrès, Ghraiba and Skhira). 

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