MED4EBM in Tunisia celebrated World Migratory Bird Day and International Biodiversity Day in the Kneiss Islands


An awareness caravan has been launched in Ghraiba delegation (Sfax Governorate), to sensitize primary school students on the conservation and the main threats to migratory birds in the Kneiss islands nature reserve, working on synergy with COMMON project and house of culture of Ghraiba

Around 250 pupils in three different schools got to know the extraordinary biodiversity of the water birds in Kneiss islands through educational posters illustrating the natural reserve’s birds and highlighting the methods and good behaviors to adapt to preserve and maintain its rich resources.

A drawing and painting activities was held, using the stickers that presents each bird in kneiss islands, to strengthen the environmental education and awareness about the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats and to highlight the negative impact of plastic pollution.