MED4EBM in Tunisia assesses ecological risks and socio-economic benefits of Kneiss Islands


The Institute National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer (INSTM), MED4EBM partner in Tunisia conducted the first “System Cause-effect Analysis” workshop on September 22, 2022. The workshop focused on assessment of ecological risks and socio-economic benefits and stresses and on identification of the first management interventions. Participant in the workshop included MED4EBM Project Core Technical Team and the National Technical Team in Tunisia.  

The Tunisian partner held an online workshop with key stakeholders of the Kneiss Islands as the last step of the work on Decision Support Systems (DSS) systems carried out in the project area.

The working team shared their updates on the data collected and the progress of work on the databases, the variables, and sectors of the most significant importance, and on which it was possible to collect sufficient information with the Ecosystem Based Management expert Francesca Pella. The workshop then focused on defining a coherent and integrated set of management measures, in the natural reserve by defining the coastal fishing component.