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MED4EBM meeting in Italy to discuss the sustainability of Ecosystem-Based Management forum

MED4EBM project has scheduled meetings between partners and with stakeholders in all four pilot areas. Before the final event to be held in Tunisia from 21 to 23 September 2023, UNDP Jordan representatives, Jordanian partner of MED4EBM, will visit the Italian project area for a meeting with the stakeholders of the Mediterranean Forum for Applied Ecosystem Management launched last year at an event in Sibari in the province of Cosenza, Italy. The establishment of the Forum was one of the main objectives of the MED4EBM project. The perspective for the future is to widen more and more the audience of public and private, Italian and international actors, who, through this center for sharing experiences and local projects, can implement good practices of sustainable management of resources in the territories.

In Italy, the Forum has already collected adhesions and expressions of interest to collaborate in the future both from Calabrian bodies and organizations, in order to follow up the work carried out by MED4EBM, and from other Italian regions where the peculiarity of the ecosystem would require an integrated management intervention.

During the stakeholder meeting on 18 September, future opportunities and the best ways forward for the long-term sustainability of the Mediterranean Forum will be discussed, collecting suggestions and sharing experiences that the partners will then bring to the final event.

The challenge and the wish of the partners is to strengthen a centre of exchange and interconnection on Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) practices to which all the main actors in the Mediterranean area who have applied experience can contribute. The forum becomes an internationally recognised nerve centre for the training of technicians, administrators and stakeholders on these EBM tools and methods. The aim is that integrated management can effectively become a widespread tool for spatial planning and sustainable development in the various areas concerned.

The Centre will have the task of promoting partnerships and cooperation with the entire panorama of public and private stakeholders, civil society and other actors active in the management of Mediterranean coastal areas, both at local and regional level.

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