MED4EBM in Jordan conducted a workshop applied to the fisheries sector


The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS), MED4EBM partner in Jordan conducted the first “System Cause-effect Analysis” workshop on August 9th 2022. Participants in the workshop included the MED4EBM Project Core Technical Team and the National Technical Team in Aqaba, Jordan. 

Cause-Effect Analysis and Development of Environmental and Socioeconomic Governance Protocols are the final steps in the work on Ecosystem Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management Decision Support System EB ICZM “DSS”.

The workshop focused on applying the System Cause-Effect Analysis approach to assess environmental risks and social and economic pressures in the fisheries sector in Aqaba and to identify possible management interventions. The workshop also provided a mentoring opportunity for the National Team by using a work-based learning approach.